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The Relation of Hypertension and Kidney Disease

2018-07-18 09:25

The hypertension is the main reason which can cause the kidney disease and renal failure(End stage of renal disease).For the hypertension can cause the damage of renal capillary to affect the filtration function of kidney,then it is hard to remove the toxins from blood, once someone is diagnosed to be the end stage of renal disease, he has to accept the dialysis treatment or kidney transplant.The following we will show you some symptoms of kidney disease to help you know more about the kidney disease: One:hypertension,

Two:Decreased urine or difficult to urine;

Three:Edema (body liquid retention),especially in the shank;

Four: Frequent night urine.

Then how to diagnose the kidney disease in correct mode or method? That is more important to most kidney patients.For your hypertension you have take some antihypertensive medicines to relieve it,but you never realize that you have something wrong in your kidney.Then you need to do some tests to check if your body can discharge the toxins and wastes normally, that tests include serum creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen ,once find one of them level increasing,then it can indicate that your kidney has been damaged, in addition the proteinuria is also an important indicator to show the kidney disease.

What is the nephrotic hypertension ? that is caused by the poor kidney function ,it can not secret the enough hormone to adjust the blood pressure.Commonly the patients can take some antihypertensive medicines to control the blood pressure, but the surgery is also important to treat the disease. The patients can accept the angioplasty (vessels forming surgery)or stent surgery to treat the nephrotic hypertension.

The reason of nephrotic hypertension is the renal artery stenosis,that can cause the blood pressure increase in the renal artery.When the low quantity blood flows into kidney,for the dehydration it will release the hormone to stimulate the kidney keep the water and sodium.When the vessels are full of excess liquid the blood pressure can increase right away.The artery stenosis is caused by the arteriosclerosis ,that disease process is same as the heart disease and stroke.Other reason is the fiber maldevelopment,this is a kind of situation of renal artery maldevelopment,the detailed reason is unclear at present.Then we want to know who have the risk of getting hypertensive nephropathy.The hypertension often can influence different human groups, but the groups with infections have high risk ,that include:

Diabetes;Hypertension and kidney disease of family history;

Then how to control the blood pressure well is the key point to all patients.To prevent the damage to kidney we must do the following requirement:

One:Try to keep the good control to blood pressure;

Two:Ensure the regular test of blood pressure;

Three:Reasonable diet;

Four:Appropriate exercise ,such as walking for 30mins everyday;

Five:Taking the prescription medicines according to doctor’s requirement;

The most important thing to patients is how to treat the kidney disease effectively.Commonly the patients with hypertension and kidney disease should keep the good life habits and healthy diet to control blood pressure,and take ACE inhibitor ,angiotensin ,ARB receptor antagonist to lower the blood pressure, and avoid the further damage to kidney.

But only this treatment can not improve the kidney condition from root,the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is more effective to help patients stabilize the blood pressure and impair the damaged kidney cells ,gradually improve the renal function at last.If you want to know more about that or have something doubtful please contact us through the following message:

E-mail: kidney-treatment@hotmail.com

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