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Hot Compress Therapy Can Replace Dialysis to Treat Hypertensive Nephropathy

2016-04-04 11:44

Hot Compress Therapy Can Replace Dialysis to Treat Hypertensive NephropathyMy dad has been suffering from hypertension for 30 years and recently his creatinine level has up to 7.9, the doctor want to put him under dialysis. I want to know is there any other choice for us? We really don’t want him to suffer too much.

To be frankly, dialysis can be a choice for your father, but it is not the only option for him. Here we recommend Hot Compress Therapy to him, which can help him live better without dialysis.

Why we said Hot Compress Therapy can replace dialysis?

Because your dad has been suffering from hypertension for 30 years which possibly leaded to his kidney failure and will continue to cause further damage to his kidney function. Hemodialysis can keep him survive but it is not permanent therapy, because as dialysis going on, his urine volume will become less and less that means his own renal function will fall away gradually. So the main thing is to protect his remaining kidney function and repair his damaged kidney function timely. If your father can take the proper treatment timely, there is still a big chance to restore his own kidney function. Sincerely hope he can size this recovery opportunity.

How can Hot Compress Therapy treat Hypertensive Nephropathy?

This treatment is featured with dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. After the effective medicines are penetrated into kidney lesions, they can stop the releasing of inflammatory factors and clear up harmful substances to kidneys. In this way, it can halt the renal function to deteriorating immediately and effectively.

If you are interested in Hot Compress Therapy or want to treat Hypertensive Nephropathy without dialysis, you can send email to us or leave message below, we will try our best to you.

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