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Hypertensive Nephropathy with Creatinine 3.6: Is It Possible for Me to Control It

2016-07-12 17:00

I am a kidney disease patient with hypertension several years. Recently, the test shown that my creatinine level has up to 3.6, i am wondering is it possible for me to control my disease well?

To be frankly, years of hypertension might cause your kidneys damage that made creatinine increases. You know, the primary disease of your kidney disease is hypertension, therefore, good control of your blood pressure is vital important for your kidney recovery. But from your current condition, the root problem is kidney damage which made your renal function go down and creatinine goes up. So, to block the progression of your kidney disease would be the first step in order to keep your kidney function from decreasing and deterioration.

The second step is to protect your residual renal function and meanwhile repair those parts of your impaired renal function (due to kidney disease is one kind of chronic progressive disease, so once creatinine goes up, it means at least 50% of your kidney function has already been damaged ). In this way the aim of second period treatment: to restore and enhance your whole renal function would be achieved and guaranteed.

Because right now your creatinine is just slightly elevated so kidney damage is still in early stage, if systemic treatment (like Top Seven Treatments ) could be given timely, your kidney function still can be restored and creatinine will go back to normal range. Thus, your normal life would keep going on and no need to worry about renal failure anymore.

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