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Can Creatinine 8.9 with Hypertensive Nephropathy Be Reduced

2017-03-19 13:39

Can Creatinine 8.9 with Hypertensive Nephropathy Be ReducedOne day, a hypertension nephropathy patient asked me what treatment can reduce the creatinine. Her creatinine is 8.9, and she has hypertension for 5 years. Also, she has blood in urine, protein in urine, swelling and other symptoms. What can we do to help her?

In order to redce the creatinine, we must know what causes the creatinine to reach 8.9.

The creatinine is an index of the renal function. In fact, the creatinine won’t go up until the kidney has been damaged more than 1/3. For hypertensive nephropathy patients, the creatinine 8.9 shows that the kidney are injured seriously by the high blood pressure. So that, more and more harmful things will be gathered in the body. As a result, patients may be ill with itching skin, nausea, poor appetite and so on. Therefore, patients hope an effective treatment to help them recover.

What treatment can manage the creatinine 8.9 for hypertensive nephropathy patients?

Dialysis. It can eliminate the unwanted things by a treatment machine to alleviate the symptoms and prolong patients’ life. But, it leads to anemia, weakness, less urine volumes and other side effects. In addition, patients are required to be on dialysis termly.

Foot Bath. It is able to carry out the unwanted things through the skin during bathing the patients’ feet. It is a cheaper, safer and handier way to help patients remit sufferings.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a Chinese medicine external application treatment, which can treat patients from the root. According to the patients’ illness conditions, the herbs will be picked up and milled into the powder. Later, the active material of the medical bags which are full of the powder will enter the body to strengthen the kidney self-cure ability.

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