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Can Creatinine 600 with Hypertensive Nephropathy be Reduced Naturally

2017-05-02 10:18

Can Creatinine 600 with Hypertensive Nephropathy be Reduced NaturallyGood morning, doctor. I am a hypertensive nephropathy patient for ten years. And I have hypertension more then 20 years. In the recent days, my creatinine went up to 600umol/L. Is there any way to help me reduce creatinine 600umol/L naturally?

For hypertensive nephropathy patients with creatinine 600umol/L, they usually want to accept an natural treatment to feel better. But, can creatinine 600umol/L be reduced naturally?

Creatinine is considered as an index of the renal function. The creatinine level won’t go up unless about half of the kidney is injured. So that, the creatinine 600mol/L means the kidney has been damaged badly. As a result, the patients will be ill with swelling, back pain, blood in urine, protein in urine and other symptoms as the poisons which should be eliminated by the kidney are gathered in the body. This is the reason why the patients in sore need of an available therapy.

What is more, the damaged kidney is because the high blood pressure attacks against the blood vessels every time. In addition, if you can not protect the kidney from damaging, we can hardly revive the renal function. Hence, we need to manage the hypertension firstly.

The natural treatments including Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Cycle Therapy, Immunotherapy and other therapies will help the patients enlarge the blood vessels, improve the immunity, enhance the kidney self-healing ability, repair the injured renal cells, etc.

At last, the patients will have a better life as the renal function is increased. Meanwhile, the creatinine level will be reduced.

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