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Is There a Method for IgA Nephropathy

2017-02-20 21:28

lgA nephropathy characteristic with blood urine, swelling, protein in urine and so on. Because immune system in a mess condition is impaired, then a large amount of immune complexes appear and begin to hit inherent cells,which may lead to a series of complications. Since there is not a curable treatment for lgA nephropathy patients, especially when people get a cold very occasionally, it seems like a tough job to deal with. So patients are wonder to know the fact that is there a method for lgA nephropathy patients.

After years of studies, as for as Chinese traditional medicine concerned, there are two primary reasons inducing your kidney function impaired. On one hand, with the increasingly enhance substance living standard, people are more likely to attach great attention on everyday food. Consequently, eutrophication materials appear and as a result the power of anti-oxidative gets weakness, then a amount of toxins as well as immune complexes enter into every cell, which will cause our kidney function under a damages situation.

While in China, Chinese traditional medicine is acquainted with most of Chinese people and has widely applied to repair various kidney diseases. To begin with, Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy combines Chinese herbal medicine and acupoints theory. It applies a bag filled with various Chinese medicines to your back, then because our skin has three functions and one of them is assimilation reacting through thousands of blood capillary. From this way,can patients’ intestines and stomach avoid undertaking too munch burden. Besides, kidney function will recover naturally and gradually. What is more, foot bath is an another Chinese treatment contributing to repair damaged kidney through acupoints of foot. Chinese doctors called our foot as the second “kidney" because of it indispensable effect to promote blood circulation with the purpose of enhance kidney function finally.

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