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What is the Alternative Treatment for One with IgA Nephropathy

2017-02-15 15:45


After years of studies, the deposition of immune globulin is the mainly cause for IgA nephropathy. People with IgA nephropathy are more likely to infect outside virus. That is why IgA nephropathy comes back easily after accepting treatment. IgA nephropathy, also called Berger, is a common kidney disease due to damaged immune system. Given all these, most of doctors suggest patients to adopt dialysis or kidney transplant in order to alleviate illness condition. But not all of patients are willing to select these treatments. Therefore, more and more people under the same situation are eager to know is there an alternative treatment for them. In the following article, the author will explain it for you and sincerely hope all of you may find something useful to you illness.

Before talking about the alternative treatment, make sure that what is the main reason is the first thing you are supposed to understand. Learning aetiological agent is benefit to continue the further treatment accurately. Once immune system get damaged, the ability of excluding harmful and poisonous substances become worse and worse, then over-reactive immune system appears, which may secrete abnormal proteins. These unusual proteins regarding as antigen will stimulate the production of antibody, as a result blood is polluted.

While, in China, we used Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy repairing impaired kidney function naturally.

Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy combines Chinese herbal medicine with acupoints theory. It applies a bag filled with various Chinese medicines to your back, then because our skin has three function and one of them is assimilation reacting through thousands of blood capillary. From this way,can patients’ intestines and stomach avoid undertaking too munch burden.

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