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Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Avoid Dialysis

2017-03-19 11:07

Can LgA Nephropathy patients Avoid Dialysis“Hello, I have lgA nephropathy. Last week, my creatinine level reached 9. The doctor asked me to dialysis in recent days. Can your treatments help me live away from dialysis?”

“Hello, whether you can avoid dialysis depends on your illness conditions. If your illness is very serious, we can help you to reduce the times of dialysis.”

In fact, many lgA nephropathy patients are afraid of dialysis and hope an alternative treatment to dialysis.

Why lgA nephropathy patients are required to dialysis?

Due to the damaged renal function, more and more harmful matters which should be eliminated from body as urine will be gathered in the body. As a result, patients will have symptoms including swelling, lgA protein in the urine, vomiting and so on. All these sufferings force the patients to accept dialysis to prolong their life.

What are the reasons for lgA nephropathy patients to shun dialysis?

Dialysis is the traditional technology to filter the blood by a medical machine. It leads to itching skin, muscle cramp, heart disease and other diseases. Patients have to be on dialysis cyclically. These are why patients like other treatments instead of dialysis?

What treatments can replace the dialysis?

Foot Bath. The therapy can carry out the undesired things during bathing the patients’ feet. It is a cheaper, safer and more convenient way compared with dialysis.

Hot Pressure Therapy. It uses Chinese medicine to hot press the patients’ Shenshu area. The kidney will begin to recover in the treatment as the active material improves the blood circulation and enlarges the blood vessels.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The treatment applies the herbs to enhance the renal self-cure ability. When the kidney is impaired, the lgA nephropathy patients have no need to take dialysis.

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