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How to Deal With IgA Kidney Disease with Proteinuria

2017-07-15 14:41

How to Deal With IgA Kidney Disease with ProteinuriaIgA kidney disease is a common type of renal disorder in which hundreds of protein will be lost into urine, especially IgA protein. What is worse, the proteinuria will come out repeatedly. Now, let’s go for the ways to deal with IgA kidney disease with proteinuria.

Usually, Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARB) can be used to reduce protein in urine. But, if you want to treat the proteinuria for IgA kidney disease patients from root, you should know how IgA kidney disease and proteinuria appear clearly.

The onset of IgA kidney disease is because that the kidney can not completely reabsorbed the IgA protein so as to it will be leaked into urine. Under this circumstance, various toxins and wastes will also be built up in the body owing to the damaged kidney. Also, the depositions of IgA kidney disease will impair the renal cells and tissues, cut down the renal function and induce many complications of IgA kidney disease.

On the basis of which I have referred above, we need to renovate the diseased kidney for the sake of remedying the proteinuria for IgA kidney disease patients fundamentally. However, how to treat the injured kidney?

First of all, the patients are supposed to take Toxin-Removing Therapy. Due to the disadvantages of dialysis, the renal experts of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have spent many years on inventing and improving a series of treatments (called Toxin-Removing Therapy) to clean all toxins and wastes away from body thoroughly. Moreover, Toxin-Removing Therapy can dispel the proteinuria and protect the kidney from damaging with less side effects.

Meanwhile, Immunotherapy is need by the IgA kidney disease patients. The patients will have a lower immunity as a result of losed IgA protein, a immune protein. So that, the patients would better to accept Immunotherapy to strengthen the immunity and restore the renal function.

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