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Treatment Plan for IgA Diabetic Kidney Disease

2013-11-23 09:23

Treatment Plan for IgA Diabetic Kidney DiseaseThe deposits of immunoglobulin A (IgA) and long-term diabetes both can cause kidney disease. If your case is in accord with IgA diabetic kidney disease, you may be at high risk for kidney failure. Effective treatment is able to slow the progress of your medical condition.

To manage this type of kidney disease better, the treatment should be taken by two steps:

First step of this treatment

IgA diabetic kidney disease occurs, because high blood glucose damages the tiny blood vessels throughout kidneys and too much IgA causes inflammation in kidney. From this point, the treatment should be able to both lower blood glucose and clear IgA out of the body.

To keep kidney condition from worsening, the first treatment for IgA diabetic kidney disease is to lower high blood glucose and inhibit the activity of IgA.

Insulin, exenatide, liraglutide, pramlintide and some other medications have a quick effect on declining blood glucose. As for dealing with IgA, steroids like prednisone and immunosuppressants may be prescribed especially when patients have proteinuria. (To make clear which medication is safe and helpful for you, email your medical case to kidney-treatment@hotmail.com, and then you can get personalized advice.)

Second step of this treatment

After patients’ kidney condition is controlled preliminary, it is time for some consolidated treatments to play their function. The ultimate purpose of these treatments is to prevent the recurrence of IgA diabetic kidney disease and reverse kidney damage as much as possible.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, based on TCM and osmotic technic, is effective on dissolving immune complexes including IgA and normalizing the metabolism of vascular active substance, so as to regulate blood circulation. Once blood can work normally, the workload on kidneys will reduce and kidney damage will be repaired gradually.

Here, if you still have anything unclear or you are interested about the above treatment, feel free to tell us. We promise our kidney experts will rely timely.

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