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Is There Any Need For Dialysis If Creatinine 2.9 in IgA Nephropathy

2018-04-11 13:58

Is There Any Need for Dialysis If Creatinine 2.9 in IgA NephropathyDialysis is a life-support treatment for kidney disease patients, and some patients do believe they can get back to normal with it. And then, is there any need for dialysis if creatinine 2.9 in IgA nephropathy?

What will happen if there is IgA nephropathy with creatinine 2.9?

IgA nephropathy is a auto-immune disorder. When the abnormal immune system can not completely attack against the toxins as well as the circulation system can not take away the immune complexes from the body duly, these immune products will be gathered in the kidneys, leading to inflammatory responses in kidneys. And thus, the patients will undergo blood in urine, protein in urine, swelling or other discomforts. It is called IgA nephropathy.

Moreover, creatinine 2.9 shows the kidney function is reduce more than half, and the patients are in the middle phase of kidney disease. Timely treatments are needed in this situation.

Hence, what are treatments to IgA nephropathy with creatinine 2.9?

The patients will take the immunosuppressant and also dietary control to inhibit the renal inflammations and relieve the symptoms. However, this medicine has lots of side effects, and the IgA nephropathy will reoccur over and over again. This is why many patients want to start dialysis.

We can not deny that the creatinine level, an index to evaluate how well the kidneys are working, can be reduced with dialysis, but it does not mean a cure. Generally speaking, the creatinine level will go up again. That is to say, the patients had better option another therapy to recover. By the way, dialysis will be adopted when the creatinine level is more than 8mg/dl.

How about trying Chinese herbal medicine? It uses a great deal with herbs orally or externally to adjust our body, balance the inner environment, offer nutrients for the diseased tissues to revive, drive out the poisons, activate the blood circulation, etc. Since all the herbs are picked up from nature according to the patients’ illness conditions and traditional Chinese medicine, you would not worry about its untoward reactions.

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