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What are Herbal Medicine Treatments to Creatinine 329 in IgA Nephropathy

2018-04-24 09:58

What are Herbal Medicine Treatments to Creatinine 329 in IgA NephropathyWhat are herbal medicine treatments to creatinine 329 in IgA nephropathy?” Here the article will explain it by an example, and you can contact Online Doctor for personal suggestions in free.

The girl is only ten years old. She went to hospital due to the cold and blood in urine, and finally diagnosed with IgA nephropathy. The doctor gave her hormones, but she felt weakness, sad and nausea. After treatment, the blood in urine was vanished, but her weight increased too much. In the past years, the blood appeared many times. Although she had the hormones or immunosuppressant, her creatinine level began to go up. For getting better, her parent decided to bring her to China for a further treatment and avoiding dialysis. At the time they arrived at Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, her lab test reports showed creatinine 329, BUN 59, HB 6.7, etc.

According to the analysis and summarisation of the medical reports and Chinese diagnosis, the doctors provided her prescription Chinese herbal treatment. During the whole treatment, she took the Oral Chinese Medicine, Steaming Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy and other natural treatments as well as the well-controlled diets and life styles. After seven days’ treatment, her blood in urine was disappeared, the creatinine level and BUN level was starting to drop down, HB level was increased and she was sleep well. With the about one month treatment here, her creatinine became 132 umol/L from 329 umol/L, the BUN cut down to 15, HB was 11.9 and she can enjoy the normal life.

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