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Is There Any Treatment of IgA Nephropathy Except for Dialysis

2018-04-29 14:59

Is There Any Treatment of IgA Nephropathy Except for DialysisDear sir, I am from Indonesia. I am diagnosed with IgA last month in my kidney biopsy report. I want to know that is there any treatment of IgA. I want to know the other options of treatment. I am afraid of doing dialysis. What should I do to get treatment? Hope you reply soon.

Hello. I hope everything goes well with you. As you have described, you wanna seek for alternative remedy of dialysis for solving IgA nephropathy, we can help you.

As for dialysis, it is a wildly used way in Indonesia to helping the IgA nephropathy prolong life. For a better prognosis of dialysis or transplant, dialysis will be adopted earlier by some doctors. But since it will also worsen the kidney conditions, doctor will receive it when there is life danger.

IgA nephropathy is a outcome of the large accumulated immune complex in the kidneys. In another word, there much be somethings wrong in your immune system and circulation system.

In our hospital, we will design the treatment with one or some of the Acupuncture, Immunotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy and other Chinese treatments in the light of your illness conditions completely so as to help you lowering the creatinine and BUN level, protect the healthy kidney inherent cells, repair the diseased renal cells, dispel the complications, etc.

Besides, I need to know more about our illness conditions. If possible, please send your test report results to me. I will analysis it and give your more information about diets and treatments.

Do you have the simply question as him? Are you interested in the alternative treatments to dialysis? Would you like to improve renal function naturally? If so, please leave a message below or send the medical reports to us. We will try our best to help you.

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