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Top 10 Life Cares for IgA Nephropathy Patients

2014-01-19 07:47

Top 10 Life Cares for IgA Nephritis PatientsIgA nephropathy is a common kidney disease for people, which is an immune disorder kidney disease with the IgA complexes deposited in kidneys. For these patients, they need to have prompt treatment to remedy their kidney damage, besides, there are also some other tips for them to pay attention to. Here are the top 10 life cares for IgA nephritis patients.

1. Patients need to take a light diet, which can also be digested easily. They should avoid the foods such as seafood, beef, lamb, hot excitant food and wine, which will be bad for IgA nephropathy patients.

2. They can take more and proper fresh vegetables and fruits in their daily life, which can supply enough vitamin and other nutritions. Besides, vegetables and fruits can also improve their immunity and reduce the kidney damage.

3. They should pay attention to the medications they use, and follow the advices of their doctors to take the right amount of medications. Because the improperly use of medication will cause further damage to kidneys.

4. For patients with uremia, they need to defecate 2-3 times a day, and they should also have a good rest. Besides they should also prevent the cold and infections in their daily life.

5. For people who have hormone treatment, they need to follow the advices of their doctors to decrease progressively of the amount and times of using hormone.

6. For IgA patients who have severe swelling, they need to limit their salt intake, and limit their protein intake and fluid intake, all these will be helpful to remit swelling.

7. Patients who have high potassium level should avoid the fruits and vegetables which are high in potassium. The common high potassium level foods include banana, orange, potato, tomato, pumpkin, tea and soybean source.

8. Patients who have high uric acid level should avoid the foods such as seafood, beer, mushrooms, soy beans and spinach.

9. During the treatment, if patients have cold, fever or infections, they need to tell their doctors timely, and have prompt treatment, which can help prevent the serious complications.

10. The basic and most important thing is to keep a joyful mood, and have confidence to defeat their kidney diseases. A good mood will make miracle for the treatment.

Above are the top 10 life cares for IgA nephropathy patients, which will be helpful for all the IgA nephropathy patients. Besides, they should also have effective treatment to remedy their kidney damage, and the early treatment will make a good prognosis for the IgA nephropathy patients.

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