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Treatment for Complications Of IgA Nephropathy

2014-02-28 08:38


Iga Nephropathy treatmentIgA Nephropathy refers to losing kidney function gradually.As IgA Nephropathy develops,many complications occur.Many complications not only give a heavy burden on kidney but also threaten suffer’s life.Therefore basic knowledge and therapies about IgA Nephropathy complications needs to be learned in order to detect them early.

High blood pressure

As IgA Nephropathy develops,kidney works abnormally.Therefore,too much wastes and toxins build up in our blood day by day,The speed of blood circulation becomes slow.So the blood flowing into kidney becomes less.Kidney receive this message so that renin is produced to adjust blood pressure so that more blood can enter into kidney.To be honest,though renin makes blood pressure high,it doesn’t matter to relieve this symptoms.On the contrary,as blood pressure is elevated higher,kidney is short of more and more blood and oxygen.With consistent high blood pressure,it many leads to hear disease which can take suffer’s life within a minute.

Liver diseases

As blood are polluted,less oxygen are contained in them.As time passes by,liver diseases occurs because it is short of oxygen.Therefore a lots of liver disease symptoms follow thus making suffers live a unhappy life.

Stomach diseases

As too much wastes in the body, IgA Nephropathy sufferers have a poor appetite.So stomach diseases follows.

Hot Compress Therapy

Hot compress therapy have activated Chinese medicine which can be put on the patient’s back and affects kidney directly and relieves anemia from root.Hot compress therapy relieves inflammation response thus stopping further kidney damage firstly.As IgA Nephropathy can be controlled gradually,complications also disappear increasingly.

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