Interventional Therapy

Interventional Therapy

What is Interventional Therapy of Kidney Disease

Interventional Therapy refers to a treatment of kidney disease, it put a Micro-catheter into the vessels of kidney under the construction of image documentation equipment, after the catheter is settled in, doctors will inject some unique medicines or set some holders into the kidneys though it. In such a way to repair the congenital malformation of kidney, improve the Kidney Nerve Disease, to solve the kidney disease from its lesions directly and solve other kidney problems from its underlying causes.

As for the reasons why we named this kind of treatment Interventional Therapy, that is because during the treatment it need to depend on the image documentation equipment to set the Micro-catheter into the kidney, and thus to achieve the aims to treat the kidney disease.

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Advantages of Interventional Therapy

A. It makes targeted therapy come true

Targeted therapy means through the intervention of Micro-catheter, it can make local application or set medicine apparatus into the kidneys become reality. Transferring the current treatment ways such as oral medication, transfusion and other systemic administration into local application helps to reduce the side-effect of medicines and improve the curative effect at the same time.

B. It can cure some of the kidney disease from it's underlying causes

Interventional Therapy prevent some kinds of kidney disease from relapse, that means it can solve some kidney problems, such as renal hypertension, Diabetic Nephropathy and other kidney disease caused by ischemia reperfusion, permanently at one-time.

C. It can help doctors to make more accurate diagnosis

With the help of this therapy, doctors can make confirmed dialysis, even those diseases cannot be diagnosed in the past also can be diagnosed accurately now. So this kind of therapy really makes a great favor in improving the diagnosis level.

D. It provide a new way for the treatment of many complicated kidney disease

With the help of this therapy, the chances of controlling the complicated kidney disease, such as Renal Carcinoma, get great improve.

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Treatable disease at present

a. Renal Hypertension

b. Kidney disease caused by ischemia

c. Kidney disease caused by thrombosis of renal vein

d. Kidney disease caused by Congenital renal malformations

e. Kidney Neoplasms and Renal Carcinoma

f. Polycystic Kidney Disease and Kidney Cyst

g. Diabetic Nephropathy and the complications of it

h. Renal region hemangioma

i. Other kidney disease which can be cured by Interventional Therapy

Interventional Therapy also can be used in treating tumour and peripheral vascular disease.

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