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Will Do exercises Help Prevent Renal Failure

2019-01-26 09:48

Prevent Renal Failure,exercisesRelevant data show that 20% to 50% of acute Renal Failure is caused by drugs, and some by exposure to harmful substances. Therefore, the use and exposure of drugs or poisons that are toxic to the kidney should be avoided as far as possible. If accidental use or exposure occurs, it should be detected and treated as soon as possible.

Once the primary disease of acute renal failure occurs, we should treat it as early as possible, pay attention to expanding blood volume, correct water, electrolyte disorders and acid-base imbalance, and restore circulation function. If it is found that the disease will occur, early measures should be taken to supplement blood volume, increase cardiac output, restore renal perfusion flow and glomerular filtration rate, remove obstructions in renal tubules, prevent infection and prevent renal parenchymal damage caused by DIC and renal ischemia. At the same time, the early application of drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis will play a positive role in preventing the occurrence of this disease.

In the course of nephropathy treatment, it is not required to stop exercising at all, but to exercise properly to give the body the vitality and power of self-repair when the physical conditions permit.

For patients in the prognostic stage, they should insist on taking proper exercise, which not only helps the treatment and rehabilitation of nephropathy, but also helps patients maintain a good mentality and vitality. From a pathological point of view, no matter what kind of nephropathy, there will be different degrees of blood circulation disorders, mainly manifested as increased blood viscosity, slow blood flow, renal blood flow reduction and other clinical symptoms, which may aggravate kidney injury and cause recurrence. Moderate exercise can improve the body's blood circulation, which is conducive to the repair of diseased kidneys.

Some patients with nephropathy may temporarily aggravate due to exercise because of proteinuria, hematuria and lower limb edema. Therefore, it is understandable and reasonable to worry that exercise will aggravate nephropathy. For example, patients with exercise-induced proteinuria tend to have proteinuria after exercise, while they are normal during bed rest. But we can't give up exercise because of this. Moderate exercise is still beneficial.

However, in the treatment of nephropathy, exercise should be moderate. Patients with different constitutions should do their best and not increase the amount of exercise at will. Long-term and appropriate exercise, can be pleasant physical and mental, enhance physical fitness, will certainly be beneficial to the treatment and rehabilitation of kidney disease.


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