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How Long Do You Live After Kidneys Shut Down

2014-02-02 01:39

How Long Do You Live After Kidneys Shut DownQuestion: I have a friend who was diagnosed with Good Pasture’s Syndrome. He is 65 and his kidneys are completely shot. Prior to this he was in very good shape. I was wondering how much time he has if he doesn’t find a kidney transplant.

Answer: Hi, I am so sorry to hear your friend is suffering from kidney failure and hope we can do something to help him reduce sufferings. You said his kidneys are completely shot, so he must be on dialysis now, right? The survival rate for people who are on dialysis decreases over time and it is said it at close to 80 percent through one year, 64 percent through two years, 33 percent after five years and 10 percent through 10 years. So how long has your friend been on dialysis?

Besides, what any other illnesses or problems does your friend has now? Although kidney failure is life-threatening, most of the time, patients die of serious complications like heart failure and stroke. Therefore, preventing these illnesses actively is also very important for dialysis patients to live a longer time.

Lastly, does your friend still have urine output or not? Kidney is in charge of filtering blood and producing urine. Urine output means there are still healthy kidney function. In such a case, it is possible for medicines to flow into kidney with bloodstream. Therefore, if he still has urine output, then he has chance to get his kidney function improved. With improved kidney function, not only much more toxins can be removed out of the blood, but also life span can be prolonged successfully.

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