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Numbness in Kidney Failure What are the Causes and How to Treat It

2015-01-17 15:41

Numbness in Kidney Failure What are the Causes and How to Treat ItWhat are the causes of numbness in kidney failure and how to treat it ? Numbness in kidney failure really bring inconvenient and unnecessary pain to the patient, so how to treat it concerned with many people. Next, let us see some details about the causes and treatment about numbness in kidney failure.

What are the causes of numbness in kidney failure ?

Numbness in kidney failure patients is mainly due to uremic peripheral neuropathy, due to excessive buildup of metabolic wastes and toxins. When kidney failure progresses into the final stage and when GFR falls below 12ml/min, patients will begin to feel numbness, stinging pain, itching. They need to move their legs or have some walk to alleviate these symptoms and discomforts. It is called restless leg syndrome in clinic. It is very common especially at night and it often affect the patient’s sleep quality.

Another cause of numbness for kidney failure patient is high levels of potassium in the blood. When the kidney functions are severely damaged, excess potassium can not be efficiently removed and cause hyperkalemia,thus induce numbness.

How to treat numbness in kidney failure ?

From the above we can know that it is induced by kidney disorder, that is to say as long as the kidney damage can be repaired the numbness caused by it will disapeared with it together.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the innovation of traditional Chinese herb medicine, it can protect the residual kidneys from further damage and repair the damaged kisneys at the same time. With the help of this therapy, kidney failure patient can hace a quality life.

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