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Itchy Skin from Renal Failure

2013-09-30 10:56

Itchy Skin from Renal FailureItch is very annoying skin problem. Aside from patients with skin diseases, renal failure patients also run a certain risk for itchy skin. Well, how does renal failure cause itchy skin? And what to do to alleviate itchy skin caused by renal failure?

How is itchy skin associated with renal failure?

Renal failure is the worst renal condition and usually occurs as the final consequence of Chronic Kidney Disease and Acute Kidney Disease. Kidney is a bean-shaped organ with function of regulating blood pressure, producing urine, maintaining balance of electrolyte and secreting hormone and so on. When kidneys are damaged, they will lose their working ability. As a result of this, various discomforts occur and itchy skin is just one of the most common symptoms.

In general, renal failure patients experience itchy skin due to the following factors:

1. When kidneys fail to function as well as they could, lots of phosphorus which should be eliminated by kidneys will build up in the blood. High level of phosphorus in blood will cause calcium to deposit in the skin, which can cause itchy problem.

2. Kidney is the organ that takes charge of excreting toxins in blood. When kidneys fail to do this job, toxins will build up in the blood. They circulate with blood and may reach to any part of the body. Itchy skin is caused when nerve system is damaged by these toxins. In such a case, itch can not be alleviated with dialysis.

3. Wastes like urea nitrogen which should have been eliminated by kidney build up in the blood when kidney failure is caused. These wastes stimulate skin and sweat gland, leading to dry skin and itchy skin.

4. Histamine release is another cause of itchy skin for renal failure patients and it occurs when foreign materials invade the body.

How to manage itchy skin from renal failure?

Skin itch is bothersome and it affects patients’ life seriously. Therefore, knowing how to manage itchy skin is very beneficial for renal failure patients. The followings are the most commonly used methods that can help to remit skin itch and thus improve life quality.

1. Itch-relieving creams like capsaicin cream can be a choice for renal failure patients with unbearable itching. Patients usually feel a burning or stinging sensation where it is applied when first using the creams. Besides, ask doctors for recommendations before using any product.

2. Antihistamines

Antihistamines can be used if itchy skin occurs due to histamine release.

3. Bath treatment

Basing soda bath and peppermint bath are the most commonly used bath treatment which not only helps to relieve itch problem, but also help to clean and relax the body. Besides, remember to dry the body with clean towel.

For renal failure patients, they need to find out the real cause when itchy skin and then take measures. Methods mentioned the above can help to alleviate skin itching, but they can not resolve problem radically. As we know itching occurs due to impaired kidney function, so only when kidney problem is treated successfully, can skin problem be removed effectively.

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