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Treatment for Leg Pain Caused By Kidney Failure

2013-09-30 16:04

Treatment for Leg Pain Caused By Kidney FailureWhat is the treatment for leg pain caused by kidney failure? Kidney failure is the worst kidney condition and it indicates kidneys can not work normally again. Although it refers to illness in kidney, it can involve in many body systems. Leg pain is a discomfort that occurs easily when kidney failure is left uncontrolled. It affects patients’ life seriously and makes them irritable. Well then, how does kidney failure cause leg pain and what is the treatment for leg pain caused by kidney failure?

How does kidney failure cause leg pain?

In kidney failure, leg pain is the most common bone problem and it usually occurs as a result of electrolyte disturbance. Kidney is the organ that can help to maintain electrolyte balance. For kidney failure patients, when their kidneys fail to do this job, large amounts of phosphorus will build up in the blood and thus cause hyperphosphatemia. High level of phosphorus in blood will affect their body from getting enough calcium and thus cause hypocalcemia. Low level of calcium in blood is the major reason for renal failure patients to experience leg pain.

Another possible cause for leg pain among kidney failure patients is muscle cramp which occurs easily when potassium level in blood is lower than the normal value.

Also, in some cases, kidney failure patients have leg pain as their nerve system is affected. Kidney is responsible for purifying blood. When kidney function is impaired, wastes will build up in blood. They may damage any part of patients’ body while they circulating with blood. Leg pain can be caused when nerve system is affected.

What is the treatment for leg pain caused by kidney failure?

For kidney failure patients, they need to find out the real cause firstly when leg pain occurs and then take some corresponding measures. For instance, they need to adjust their diet and try to eat some high calcium foods and high potassium foods if leg pain occurs due to low calcium level or low potassium level. In serious cases, oral supplements may be needed to remit electrolyte disturbance.

Leg pain caused by kidney failure can not be removed overnight, so the following tips may be needed to help reduce sufferings:

1. Massage legs regularly and this may help to alleviate pain feeling.

2. Have hot shower everyday. This can help to promote blood circulation and relax muscles in leg.

3. Do not wear tight trousers

4. Avoid walking long distance

Treatment for leg pain must be based on its cause, so finding out the real cause is very important for kidney failure patients to receive satisfactory treatment effects in alleviating leg pain. Besides, although kidney failure patients may experience leg pain due to different factors, occurrence of these factors or conditions is closely related with impaired kidney function. Therefore, repairing kidney damages to restore kidney function plays a very important part for kidney failure patients to live a better and longer life.

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