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Foamy Urine in Kidney Failure Patients

2013-12-07 14:15

Foamy Urine in Kidney Failure PatientsFoamy urine, which is also called bubbly urine, is a common symptom in kidney failure patients. Foamy urine is a clinical symptom, which means prolonged bubbles in urine. When people find they have foamy urine, they need to pay attention to it. As most of the foamy urine is not normal, there may be something wrong with your kidneys.

As we know, kidneys have the function of filtering toxins and wastes in blood, and also keep the nutrients stay in body. When the kidneys can function well, the foamy urine will not occur. However, when the kidneys are damaged, the protein may leak out from urine, then people may have the symptom of foamy urine.

For kidney failure patients, they need to get the reason why they have foamy urine, and find the damaged part of their kidneys.

Why is there foamy urine in kidney failure patients?

There are two common reasons for kidney failure patients when they have foamy urine. One is the damaged glomerulus, and the other is the damaged kidney tubules.

As we know, kidney function well is mainly depending on glomeruli and kidney tubules. The glomerulus can keep the protein not leaking out by its glomerular filtration membrane, however, when the glomeruli are damaged, they cannot keep the protein staying in blood. Then the protein will leak out from urine, and people will find foamy in their urine.

Besides, when the kidney tubules are damaged, people may also get foamy urine. Kidney tubules have the function of re-absorbing the nutrients which may leak out from glomerular filtration membrance. When kidney tubules are damaged, they may fail to work well, and the protein will leak out in to urine.

Above are the two common reasons which may cause foamy urine. When people find the abnormal symptom in their urine, they need to have an urine test, which will help them find the reason.

For kidney failure patients, they need to have effective treatment to control their foamy urine, because uncontrolled foamy urine will increase the kidney damage, and cause some other serious symptoms.

There are some suggestions for kidney failure patients with foamy urine.

- They need to limit the protein intake depending on their kidney failure stage, which will reduce the kidney burden and keep enough protein for body. They should also take high-quality protein foods, such as milk, egg whites, meat and fish.

- They should have early tests for their foamy urine, and find the type of their kidney disease.

- They should have effective medical treatment to control their foamy urine, which will slow down the progression of their kidney failure.

Foamy urine in kidney failure patients is not as serious as they think. If they find the reason and have effective treatment timely, they will control their foamy urine tightly.

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