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Urinate Frequently When Patients Have End Stage Renal Failure

2013-12-10 15:05

Urinate Frequently When Patients Have End Stage Renal FailureAs we know, kidneys have the function of generating urine, and people with healthy kidneys usually have 4-6 urination in the daytime and 0-2 times at night. If people have frequently urination, especially at night, there maybe something wrong with people’s health. Usually kidney damage is a common cause of urinary frequency, and urinary frequency is very common when patients have end stage renal failure.

Frequent urination will affect the patients’ daily life which will also company with some other urine symptoms, such as bubbly urine, blood urine, urinary urgency, burning feeling during urination.

What can cause frequent urination when patients are in end stage renal failure?

There are some common causes of frequent urination for patients with end stage renal failure.

- Kidney infections

- Interstitial cystitis

- Diabetes

- Urinary tract infections

- Over use of diuretics

- Prostate gland enlargement

- Pregnancy

- Infections

Above are the common factors which may cause frequent urination. Whatever the causes are, the root cause for kidney failure patients is the gradual loss of kidney functions. Therefore, for end stage kidney failure patients, they need to have effective treatment for their kidney failure if they want to control their frequent urination.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can control the frequent urination for end stage kidney failure patients.

For end stage kidney failure patients, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good therapy to remit their symptoms and complications, and improve their kidney function effectively. The therapy uses traditional Chinese herbs which have no side-effects on patients. The effective constituent in medicine can repair the damaged kidney tissues and protect the residual kidney function. On the other hand, Chinese medicines can heal the body which will also improve the immune system, and it can strong the body to defeat some infections which may cause further kidney damage.

Through the treatment of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, end stage renal failure patients can control their frequent urination fundamentally because of the improved kidney function.

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