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The Analysis of Limb Swellings In Renal Failure Patients With TCM

2018-07-12 08:58

To most kidney patients the swellings of limb is the common symptoms ,and in western medicine they often take the diuretic drugs to discharge the excess liquid through the increasing urine,but for the poor kidney function the excess liquid will overload the kidney and cause the more damage to kidney, then I suggest the patients should consider another alternative treatment--Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy. The following we can have an analysis of the limb swelling in TCM and then we can know the detailed reason of swelling.

Limb swelling in kidney failure patients

Swelling of lower limbs, swelling of limbs

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[ symptom summary ]

Limb swelling refers to a symptom of swelling and distension of the upper and lower limbs. Some showed limb swelling at the same time; Some only see upper limbs or lower limbs, or only on one side.

[ symptoms ]

Swelling of limbs caused by damp-heat accumulation: Limb swelling, joint swelling and pain, skin burning, skin red and shiny, with fever, fear of wind, thirst, boredom and uneasiness. The tongue coating is yellow, greasy, and the rapid pulse.

Swelling of limbs on qi stagnation in the muscles: Edema of limbs, self-conscious distention, pale skin, as soon as it is pressed, seems to be elastic, or complicated with chest and hypochondrium distension and tightness, long breath, etc. Pale tongue, white fur and wiry pulse.

Cold and dampness stagnate and limbs swell; The joints of the limbs are painful, the pain is localized or the lower limbs are especially heavy, the limbs are swollen, the limbs are heavy, and the movement is inconvenient. The tongue is light and the pulse is gentle.

Limb swelling is due to qi deficiency and blood stasis: Limb swelling, difficulty in getting up, cold limbs, or numbness and weakness of limbs; Or see swelling of the lower limbs. Even hemiplegia can be seen. The tongue is pale and white, or with ecchymosis and wiry pulse.

According to the symptoms the Traditional Chinese Medicine can help the patients discharge the dampness and cold out of body,at the same time strengthen the immune system to resist the heat,cold and damp poison invade human body. The swelling is caused by the excess water in body ,for the poor kidney function or something wrong in kidney it can not work normally to discharge the excess water out of body ,then the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine can help patients discharge the toxins out of blood ,repair the damaged kidney cells and restore the kidney function step by step. After the kidney function has been restored mostly, it can work normally to discharge the excess water,and swellings will disappear naturally.If you have some swellings or other kidney problems, please contact us through the following message:


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