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Kidney Shrinkage Is the Symptom of Renal Failure

2018-07-12 09:49

To most the renal failure patients the doctor often ask them to do some ultrasound or X-ray test to observe their kidney condition. If the damage to kidney is heavy the kidney size will change to be less small and small.Why does this symptom occur to the renal failure patients? "Shrinkage" refers to small size of kidney, as seen on any imaging modality like ultrasound, CT scan etc. This signifies that some amount of damage has already occurred to the kidney due to any disease process, and its function is less than normal. When the patients can not accept the reasonable treatment in time, the damaged kidney cells will continue lacking of oxygen and nutrients,and become necrotic and fibrosis, no blood flows into the cells to provide the oxygen and nutrients, the size of nephrons then become small and the whole kidney size will also become small,that is the obvious symptom to most renal failure patients. The amount of kidney function remaining has to be estimated by other tests, and that alone decides whether dialysis is needed to assist the impaired renal function, i.e. not all people with shrunken kidneys will require dialysis. Apart from dialysis, the water, salt and protein intake is restricted to varying degrees depending on the residual renal function. Again, this varies from person to person. Also, kidney disease patients require supplements of calcium as calcium retention is one of the jobs of the kidney. These patients also require weekly Erythropoietin injections. Erythropoietin is a hormone produced by the kidney which helps maintain normal blood level in a person.

Only taking some medicines or doing dialysis is not enough to help renal patients get better treatment effect, the root reason of kidney problem is that the kidney cells are lacking oxygen and nutrients provided by the blood circulation. The western medicines can only help patients relieve the symptoms but can not help repair the damaged kidney cells and promoter the blood circulation in kidney, then I suggest the patients consider another alternative treatment--the special natural treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine, that systemic treatment in Beijing Tongshantang has been researched by the kidney experts for many years, according to the clinical practice it can help patients discharge the toxins from the blood, to clear the internal circumstance to provide a good situation for the effective treatment, and the natural treatment can promote the blood circulation in kidney ,then more and more damaged kidney cells can once more get the enough oxygen and nutrients from the blood flow,and restore the function again,more and more foreign patients are beneficial from the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, if you have some question about kidney failure or want to know more detailed treatment information please contact us through following:


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