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The Symptoms Of Chronic Kidney Failure

2018-08-16 14:13

As to many kidney failure patients they often want to know all symptoms of this disease and then can find the reasonable treatment.Now I will introduce the symptoms as following:

1. Changes in urine volume due to decreased renal filtration function, some patients will gradually reduce their urine volume as the disease progresses. Even if the urine volume is normal, the waste cannot be completely discharged out of the body due to the reduction of toxins discharged from urine. Therefore, the amount of urine does not fully explain the quality of your kidney function.

2. The yellow complexion is caused by anemia. Because the occurrence and development of this kind of performance are equally slow, there will be no obvious contrast for quite a long time, just as it is difficult for people to find out all kinds of slow development changes of each other when they meet frequently.

3. Drowsiness and fatigue may be early signs of illness, but they are easily overlooked because there are indeed too many causes of drowsiness and fatigue. Especially those who ” fight with all their might” in their career, most of them attribute it to work stress and tiredness. If the symptoms improve after a little rest, they are more likely to be ignored.

4, Edema this is a relatively easy to detect symptoms. It can disappeare after rest. If it develops to persistent or systemic edema, the disease is already serious.

5. The increase in urinary foam is often a protein phenomenon. Generally speaking, the more urinary foam is, the more urine protein is.

6. Caution should be exercised when urine color changes and urine color suddenly darkens and turns red, especially if urine color turns red after respiratory tract or intestinal tract infection occurs. It may be a sign of kidney disease.

7. Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin d in the blood of patients with bone pain and chronic renal failure will appear metabolic disorder, thus stimulating hyperparathyroidism and causing renal bone diseases such as bone pain and osteoporosis.

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