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Calcium Supplement Is Very Important To Chronic Kidney Failure

2018-08-31 10:54

When you have the chronic kidney failure that means your kidney function has been damaged seriously and need the timely treatment,but except the medical treatment,the nutrition supplement is more important to your health.Chronic kidney failure requires appropriate calcium supplement.

Patients with chronic renal failure will have many serious symptoms in their bodies, so their treatment and daily diet should be paid attention to. Experts said that the diet of patients with chronic renal failure should be paid special attention to. Patients should pay more attention to calcium supplement. here’s why patients need calcium supplement.

The reason why patients need calcium supplement is that chronic renal failure will lead to the loss and loss of calcium in patients. Due to renal dysfunction, urine phosphorus decreased and blood phosphorus increased, resulting in blood calcium decreased. In addition, the deficiency of vitamin D3 in chronic renal failure affects the absorption of intestinal tract. The reduction of calcium absorption, which exacerbates hypocalcemia. Therefore, supplementing calcium to patients with chronic renal failure can not only prevent a series of symptoms such as convulsions, itching, impotence caused by the decrease of blood calcium, but also prevent and treat hyperthyroidism and chronic bone malnutrition caused by the decrease of blood calcium.

Patients can use some calcium supplement drugs to supplement calcium, or they can supplement calcium through diet. However, caution should be taken in supplementing calcium when chronic renal failure and acidosis occur. When uremic acidosis occurs, the free calcium in the total serum calcium increases, and blood calcium does not twitch even though it is low. However, in the process of using alkali to correct acid, it can make convulsions acute and even endanger life. Therefore, calcium should be added while correcting acid.

Therefore, patients with chronic renal failure should learn to supplement calcium correctly so as to supplement calcium lost from human body. However, there are some matters needing attention in the process of supplementing calcium. It is best to consult the doctor carefully before supplementing calcium, to clarify which matters should be paid attention to, and to avoid some serious problems caused by incorrect supplement of calcium.

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