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Some Symptoms To Renal Failure Patients

2018-09-26 11:34

As to most kidney patients the swelling is the common symptom ,and that will influence the patient’s normal life seriously,especially the ascites can do damage to other others in stomach.The increase of extracellular fluid volume leads to the increase of interstitial fluid volume. The increase of extracellular fluid volume is due to the retention of water. The basic mechanism of sodium and water retention is the decrease of renal sodium excretion and drainage caused by the unbalance of the glomerular and tubules. This kind of sodium water retention has two main types: primary and secondary.

( a ) the primary kidney malfunction of sodium-water excreting.

Primary kidney disease reduces glomerular filtration, while renal tubular reabsorption does not decrease, resulting in kidney sodium excretion and drainage. Resulting in sodium water storage

( b ) secondary kidney sodium excretion and drainage decrease

1. Decrease of glomerular filtered sodium water: When effective circulating blood volume is reduced for any reason, renal blood flow is reduced and glomerular filtration rate is reduced.

2, renal tubular reabsorption increased: ① The reabsorption of sodium in the proximal convoluted tubules increases, and the secretion of natriuretic peptide decreases when the effective circulating blood volume decreases; The role of physical factors in the kidney, that is, the increase of glomerular filtration fraction ( FF ). Filtration score = glomerular filtration rate / renal plasma flow. When circulating blood volume decreases, glomerular filtration rate is not as obvious as renal plasma flow, so glomerular filtration score increases. At this time, due to the relative increase of protein-free filtrate, the concentration of plasma protein in the blood flowing through the capillaries around the renal tubules is relatively increased, while the hydrostatic pressure of the capillaries around the tubules is decreased. Both of these factors promote the reabsorption of sodium water by the proximal convoluted tubules. ② The reabsorption of water in distal convoluted tubules and collecting tubes increased, resulting in the increase of aldosterone and sodium water retention due to the decrease of effective blood circulation.

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