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Long-term Anemia May Means Uremia

2018-09-14 14:32

In general, anemia can occur at all stages of chronic renal failure. Because some patients do not have a clear history of kidney disease, and they have never been examined for urine before, they often mistakenly think of iron deficiency anemia when they find their sallow complexion. In fact, this is a kind of renal anemia, which is a common complication of chronic renal failure.

The main cause of renal anemia is the insufficiency of erythropoietin produced and secreted by the kidney during chronic renal failure. About 90 % of erythropoietin in the human body is produced by the kidney, which plays a crucial role in regulating the normal division, development and maturation of erythrocytes. In the case of chronic renal failure, with the destruction of the kidney, the erythropoietin produced and secreted by the kidney will decrease, gradually leading to renal anemia. However, erythropoietin deficiency is not the only cause of renal anemia. Many other factors also participate in or contribute to the formation of renal anemia, such as shortened red blood cell life, iron deficiency, folic acid deficiency, malnutrition, acute and chronic inflammation, chronic blood loss ( loss through gastrointestinal tract, etc. ), severe hyperparathyroidism, aluminum poisoning and hypothyroidism.

Renal anemia can cause a series of adverse consequences, affecting almost every organ system of the whole body. In the aspect of cardiovascular system, it can cause heart enlargement, cardiac hypertrophy and increase the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events ( such as coronary events, heart failure, cerebral infarction, etc. ), which are the sole predictors of congestive heart failure and death. Accelerating the progression of kidney disease and deterioration of renal function; Resulting in cognitive dysfunction; Menstruation disorder and sexual hypofunction; Immune function decreased; Affect the quality of life, increase death and increase hospital stay, etc. So don’t forget to check your kidneys when you have anemia.

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