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How to Spot Kidney Failure Symptoms

2014-01-28 03:00

How to Spot Kidney Failure SymptomsHow to spot kidney failure symptoms? Kidney failure which is also known as renal failure, is a kind of kidney disease with the kidney function gradually fail to work. For kidney failure patients, they may have no symptoms in early stage, and with the reduction of kidney function, patients will suffer from some serious symptoms. In order to have early treatment, patients can spot some symptoms to diagnose their kidney failure.

1. Get a yearly blood test in physical done

For kidney failure patients, because of their kidney damage, their blood test will be different from some other patients, so they can have yearly blood test to help diagnose their kidney failure.

2. Watch for signs of anemia

Anemia is a common symptom for kidney failure patients, so if they often feel fatigue, paleness of skin color, shortness of breath in exercise, they may also have kidney failure. Anemia is often caused by kidney failure because kidney failure will leave wastes in blood and make the blood cells reduced, which will reduce the oxygen carrying capability.

3. Pay attention to itching skin

As we know, kidneys have function of filtering wastes and toxins in blood, and regulate the overall body health. For kidney failure patients, because of the kidney damage, these wastes and toxins will build up in blood, which may cause skin itching or skin rashes. Therefore, if you have consistently skin itching, you need to see a physician.

4. Take note of swelling

Swelling is also a common symptom for kidney failure patients due to the kidney damage. And the swelling is often occurred in ankles, hands, eyelids or other extremities.

5. Watch for changes in urine

Urine changes are the most common sign for kidney failure patients. The common changes in urine include blood urine, proteinuria and frequent urination at night, which should be caused attention of people.

Above are the common symptoms for kidney failure patients, besides, there are also some other symptoms such as high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting etc. So people can spot these symptoms to have early diagnose of kidney failure, and prompt and effective treatment will be helpful for them to slow down the progression of their kidney failure.

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