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Kidney Failure Due to Dehydration

2014-02-03 01:49

Kidney Failure Due to DehydrationDehydration is a serious condition for people, because the amount of water in body is much less than the bodu need. In this condition, people may suffer from some serious diseases, among which, kidney disease is more common than the other diseases. So if people are in serious hyderation, they may at high risk of kidney diseases.

How does dehydration cause kidney failure?

As we know, kidneys have the function of filtering blood and evcess fluids, which can help regulate the overall health of body. When people are suffering from serious symptoms, their body will be loss of large amount of water. In this condition, the blood circulation will also be decreased serious, and the long-term decrease of blood circulation will cause kidney damage. Once the kidneys are damaged, they will fail to work, and the toxins will build up in blood, which will cause acute kidney failure.

People with acute kidney failure caused by dehydration will have some obvious symptoms, such as decreased urine output, fluid retention, drowsiness, shortnes of breath, nausea, confusion, seizure and chest pain.

How to treat the acute kidney failure caused by dehydration?

In order to treat the acute kidney failure, people need to first find the basic cause of their kidney failure-dehydration, then the doctor will ask them to have effective treatments, such as drinking carbohydrate/electrolyte-containing drinks, Sucking on ice chips and transfusion. In some serioua cases, they may need to have dialysis in order to prevent the further damage of their kidneys and the possible complications.

From above, we can know that acute kidney failure is a very serious condition, so people should have immediate treatment to prevent the further more damage. If you are in dehydration for a long term, and you are suffering from more than 2 symptoms of acute kidney failure, you should go to hospital right now.

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