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Will Kidney Failure Cause Atrophy of Kidney

2014-02-09 08:28

Will Kidney Failure Cause Atrophy of KidneyWhen some patients with kidney failure do the CT or B ultrasound, it is found that their kidneys become smaller. They feel confused and doubt if kidney failure can cause atrophy of kidney.

What is Atrophy of kidney?

Atrophy of kidney means that the kidney shrinks and the size of kidney is smaller than the normal one. Atrophy of kidney can fall into two categories: unilateral kidney atrophy and bilateral kidney atrophy. Unilateral kidney atrophy is always found when patients do the examination because of high blood pressure and waist pain. Unilateral kidney atrophy is not a very serious disease. However, if untreated, it may develop into bilateral kidney atrophy. Patients can prevent this transformation with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment. TCM can treat the damaged kidney from inside and delay the transition from unilateral kidney atrophy to bilateral kidney atrophy. Bilateral kidney atrophy is usually caused by end-stage kidney failure. Besides, many other diseases can cause bilateral kidney atrophy such as Diabetic Nephropathy, Hypertensive Kidney Disease, Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Renal Repulsion Rejection, etc.

Why can kidney failure cause atrophy of kidney.

Kidney failure can cause atrophy of kidney. In the healthy kidneys, nephrons which are the fundamental unit of the kidney can filter the blood, absorb the nutrients which is filtered by glomeruli and excrete the wastes through the urine. Because of kidney failure, nephrons become injured. The kidney function can not work as well as it did. During the kidney failure stage, the kidney damage is so serious that kidney cells begin to decrease, leading to decline of kidney size and some clinical symptoms, such as increasing creatinine, vomiting and nausea.

The kidney failure is the main cause of atrophy of kidney. Besides, renal tuberculosis, renal artery stenosis and congenital aplasia can also lead to atrophy of kidney.

We can make the conclusion that kidney failure can cause atrophy of kidney, and many other causes can lead to it. When patients have atrophy of kidney, they should do the further examinations to confirm the cause and get timely and proper treatment.

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