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Some Foam In Urine Not Mean You Have Kidney Problems

2018-11-08 09:43

As to all of us the normal urine color is transparent,mild yellow .and with the more or less quantity of urine the color may be dark or light, But why is there foam in the urine?

Urinating quickly may increase the foam in urine.

Our kidney expert tells us that the following condition is not the kidney disease:

1. there is some seminal fluid in urinary tract, when someone urinate there is great chance to appear the foam in urine.

2. Urinate quickly ;the urine fluid flow quickly to the floor and thus the urine combined with air, it is easy to form foam in urine .but the foam is easy diminished after a while,otherwise when you stand on a high place to urinate the urine can also produce foam easily.

3. Urine concentration :when you drink little water and discharge large urine or have diarrhea,there is little water in body and leads to the urine concentration.Thus there are much protein and other components in urine than before,that is easy to produce foam too.

4. Other reasons,such as the sanitizer,cleaners etc may produce the foam in urine pool.

How to deal with these situation above,our expert will show you the following measures:

To the occasional foam in urine this is mostly physiological,and it is easy to find the reason,such as urinate quickly,urine concentration etc.except the reason above,if afer some time the foam in urine will disappear,then don’t worry about that.

But if the foam reason is caused by the following condition,you should take more care about that.

1. Proteinuria,More protein in urine, it is the common reason to cause the foam in is also the important clinical symptoms to all kinds of disease ,especially to kidney disease, All kinds of primary kidney disease ,such as primary glumerulonephritis etc,the secondary kidney disease ,such as diabetes,hypertension,gout,haptitis etc,all this may damage the kidney and increase the protein in urine. And as to multiple myeloma,acute intravascular hemolysis,leukemia etc,though the kidney function is normal there are also large paraprotein in blood,and the protein leakage in urine,to form the proteinuria.

When you have proteinuria,there may appear foamy urine,the characteristics of foamy urine is that there is a layer fine foam on the urine,and not disappear for a long time.

2. Urinary system infection: the urinary tract infection may lead to the increasing foam in urine,the common condition include as: urinary tract infection,urocystitis,prostatitis etc,most of these condition is companied by the frequent urination,urgent urination,urination pain etc.

3. Urine sugar increasing: with the organic substance and inorganic substance in urine,that may affect the urine’s surface tension to form foam.and this kind of foam is large and easy to disappear.the diabetes patients have high blood sugar and high urine sugar that lead to the foamy urine.

4. Other reasons for foamy urine, that maybe caused by the vesicocolonic fistula,but this situation is rare in common.

As to the persistent foamy urine you must have a test for it to determine if it is caused by some disease.except the non-pathological factors above there is still much foam in urine and at the same time there always company with swelling,blood urine,frequent urination,urgent urination,urination pain,hypertension,diabetes etc, then you must go to see a professional nephrologist in time.If you have similar condition as comments please contact us through the following:


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