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Is There A Way to Get Protein in Urine Down with Nephrotic Syndrome

Once protein appears in the urine which means there is body problem, the patients worry about whether the nephrotic syndrome is worsened. Besides, it is hard to cure protein in urine. In this text, I am aiming at to account for that is ther...Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome and Creatinine 5 Is Dialysis A Good Option For Kids

Nephrotic syndrome is one of Chronic Kidney Diseases, in which the patients usually have trouble with proteinuria, edema, poor appetite and other symptoms. However, when the creatinine level goes up to 5 in this case, the patients will be s...Read More

What Medicine is Used to Dispel Bubble In Urine for Nephrotic Syndrome

Bubble usually occurs in urine in many conditions, but for nephrotic syndrome, the bubble is hard to be cured. While, what medicine is used to dispel bubble in urine for nephrotic syndrome? How does bubble appear in urine for nephrotic synd...Read More

How to Treat Nephrotic Syndrome with S.creatinine 656 Aside from Dialysis

Dialysis is a process of filter the blood instead of the kidney function, and thus, the kidney function will gradually disappeared and the kidney will shrink. Besides, the patients have to endure the numerous sufferings. Hence, how to treat...Read More

How to Reduce Protein in Urine for Nephrotic Syndrome Children

Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from kidney problem due to the unhealthy life style, genetic factors and immune disorder, nephrotic syndrome is one of them. What is more, nephrotic syndrome can come out in the children, which m...Read More

Creatinine 5.3 and Nephrotic Syndrome, How to Dispel Edema in Legs

Edema in legs will make the patients go through the pain in legs, difficulty walking and others discomforts. What is more, it is very easy for the edema to reoccur over and over again. So that, the patients are eager to cast off edema. In t...Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome: How to Dispel the Proteinuria 4+ and Hematuria 2+

For nephrotic syndrome patients, proteinuria and hematuria will come out, which will also disturb the patients normal life a lot. While, how to dispel the proteinuria 4 + and hematuria 2+? Firstly, we should know clearly about the relations...Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome and Creatinine 2.9, Can Kidney Be Normal Again

In recently days, I was inquired about that can kidney be normal again in the situation of nephrotic syndrome and creatinine 2.9? The similar doubts have appeared frequently. Therefore, I write this essay to show the patients some relative...Read More

How to Treat the Protein Urine for Nephrotic Syndrome

Medically, the people with nephrotic syndrome will be ill with the incurable protein urine, which will make the patients suffer from so much discomforts. So, how to treat the protein urine for nephrotic syndrome? In the situation of nephrot...Read More

How to Treat Protein Urine for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

When the protein is more than 150mg/24h in urine, the medical situation is called protein urine. Usually, the nephrotic syndrome patients will have the incurable protein urine or the relapse of protein urine. While, how to treat protein uri...Read More