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Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital Give the Patient an Unforgettable Winter Solstice Day

2015-12-24 15:07

“The dumplings i eat on this Winter Solstice Day is different, the stuff is made of crucian carp and vegetables, the wrapper is made of buckwheat flour, they are so delicious.” Zhang Yanlin who carried a bowl of hot dumplings said with heavy Shanxi accent, he is one of the Diabetic Nephropathy patient from Hanzhong. Before this day, he haven't eat dumplings for over two years, because the doctors don’t recommend him to eat foods with high slat and fat.

December 22nd is known as the Winter Solstice Day, it is one of the lunar 24 solar terms in China. It indicates the most parts of China has enter into the coldest day of the year. According to the traditional custom, the people in north area should eat dumpling in this day. So the workers in Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital prepared some dumplings for the hospitalized patient and their caregivers, and the patients have enjoyed a warm and peaceful Winter Solstice Day.

“In our hospital we have a tradition that is we will celebrate the festivals(no matter what kind of festival it is), with the patients here, especially the foreign patients. Because we want them to know our China’s traditional culture better.” the hospital Dean Shiwei said.

Smith, who is a kidney disease patient from Canada, is rolling the wrappers with the nurses together, this is the third time he came here. Speaking of the Traditional Chinese Festival, Chinese Medicine and Gourmet he gives a thumbs-up gesture and said“Marvelous! Interesting! Delicious!”with awkward Chinese.

“Chinese Medicine holds that crucian has functions in active stomach, increasing appetite and protecting kidneys, it is quite good for kidney disease patient. So we choose it as the stuff of dumpling, and hope that the patient can get some benefit from it.” Shiwei said, “Considering the diabetic nephtopathy patient should not eat foods with high glucose, so we choose buckwheat flour(it is low in glucose)as the wrapper.”

In the ward, Dean Shi make a simple introduction of the history of eating dumpling on the Winter Solstice day. “it is said that Jiaozi is invented by Zhang Zhongjing who is a well-known doctor in Han Dynasty. In order to heal the frostbitten ears, he mixed some herbs with activating blood functions into the meat stuffing, wrapped them into ear shape, then give them to the patients.”

“The Chinese Medicine also holds that the kidneys have close relationship with ears, so for people with weakness kidneys are easy to freeze their ears. So, pulling the earlobe, tips of ear and helix are helpful for protecting the kidneys and smoothing the blood circulation.” Dean Shiwei reminded.

Caring tips

Pulling earlobe:

Using the thumb and index finger to rub the earlobe, rub hot first, and then pull down the earlobe 15 ~ 20 times, after the earlobe gets hot, then stop it.

Pulling tip of ear:

Holding the upside of ears by your hands, then pull them up slightly, at the same time rub the tips of ear with your thumb and index finger, after them get hot(but tolerable) stop it.

Robing helix:

Put your thumb into the helix, the other four fingers outside the helix, rub 2-5 minutes, then pull the helix up, after the ear gets hot, stop it.

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