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Good news:Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital Has a Free Consultation in Dubai

2017-03-14 15:02

Thanks to the extensive spread of Chinese culture with more than five thousand years, some of foreigners come into attach to Chinese traditional medicine gradually. Our hospital as a professional kidney hospital devotes itself to help renal patients all over the world get rid of kidney disease’s disturbance and regain a normal life. Therefore, we make a conclusion that three experts and three translators are arranged to Dubai for free renal clinic on February 22/ 2017.

There are three reasons that why we decided to go to Dubai for free renal clinic. One of them is great power spirit. We use practice action in order to prove a fact that with the increasingly improved economy and technology, we,as a developing country, are in duty bond to help other counties joint development. That is the carrying out and putting into practice of the plan of one belt and one road. What is more, achieving the aim of spread Chinese culture and Chinese traditional medicine’s theory around the world. Let more foreigners learn China and Chinese traditional medicine. Finally, one of our them-script is kindheartedness. So we have responsible to help all of patients with kidney disease.

In Dubai, our experts with three translators will solve your renal problem and make an appropriate treatment suggestion. This free clinic will last for three days.

In the future, free clinic action will take place in India, Russia or any other countries. If you are the one with kidney disease and have strong interests in Chinese treatments or wants to make an appointment with our experts. It is very convenient for you sending us an email.

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