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Polycystic Kidney Disease with Less Urine

2014-09-13 14:03

Polycystic Kidney Disease with Less UrineAfter 40 days treatment,Abdulaziz Almahmeed are ready to back home on August 23th, 2014. He is a Polycystic Kidney Disease patient from Bahrain, 55 years old man. I am very grateful to the help of all your doctors and nurses, he said gratefully.  Compared with one month ago, he looks better now. Next i will give you some details about is disease and treatment in our hospital.

On July 14, 2014, Abdulaziz Almahmeed came to our hospital for the treatment of his disease. He was diagnosed as Polysistic Kidney Disease 15 years ago, before came to our hospital,he has difficult in urine for nearly 15 days and the blood urine 5 days. After a series of test, we diagnosed him as Polycystic Kidney Disease,Uremia,Renal High Blood Pressure,Renal Anemia,metabolic acidosis,Multiple Kidney Stones,Type 2 Diabetes,Prostatic Hyperplasia, Fatty Liver, Secondary Hyperparathyroidism. Then according to his condition, we give him the corresponding treatment: apply external Chinese Herbal Medicine and Medicated Foot Bath to promote blood circulation, use Oral Chinese Herb Medicine to protect the kidney function, take Maikang Mixture 50ml three times per day to regulate the blood and qi. Accept the above measures, we also give him some medicines to take, such as Simvastatin tablets 20mg once a night to reducing lipid, Gliclazide sustained-release tablet 30mg once a day to reduce blood glucose, Aspirin 81 mg 1 time/day to relieve pains and fever, Allopurinol Tablets 100ml once a day to lower Uric Acid, Vitamin D 5000 IU once a week to regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism, Amlodipine 10mg once a day to lower the high blood pressure and so on.

After 40 days treatment,his disease get relived greatly. In order to ease the economic burden, doctors in our hospital agreed him to back home and continue the home remedy to consolidate the curative effect. If you want to know more details about the treatment of his disease, you can consult our online doctor or email us. Our email:

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