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The Effective Treatment For The Kidney Failure

2018-10-16 10:06

To most kidney patients wiht kidney failure always go to see a western medicine doctor and accept the western treatment,but more and more patients realized the importance of Traditional Chinese medicine and want to accept it to improve their kidney function.

At present, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine on chronic renal failure is very good. Adhere to the early and mid-term treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, and the end-stage treatment with alternative treatment with traditional Chinese medicine, while paying attention to the treatment of its complications and complications. How to treat renal failure? The ultimate goal of the treatment of chronic renal failure is to delay the progress of the course of the disease and achieve the delay in entering the end-stage renal disease. The methods mainly include:

1. The treatment of renal failure is very important, so how to treat it is the key. Therefore, in the treatment of renal failure, we should strictly eat a low-protein diet and mainly eat less animal and vegetable proteins such as meat and bean products. However, in order to avoid overcorrection, the amount of protein given is generally 0.6g / kg d.

2. In daily life, the influence of such adverse factors as infection, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia has certain influence on the treatment of chronic renal failure and should be highly valued.

3. In order to better treat renal failure diseases, we should first control the treatment of the primary diseases that lead to chronic renal failure, such as lupus, chronic Nephritis, hypertension, vasculitis sclerosis, Diabetes and other diseases themselves. How to treat renal failure? Effective control of primary disease, such as lupus, can reverse renal function to a certain extent.

4. The treatment of renal failure is very important. According to the symptoms of the disease, corresponding treatment measures should be taken and symptomatic treatment should be taken. So, how to treat renal failure? Symptomatic treatment includes correcting metabolic acidosis, regulating electrolyte and improving renal bone disease.

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