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Some Information Of Principle Of Gout Nephritis

2018-10-15 10:35

Gout nephritis is a common disease to some people whose lifestyle is not correct and always drink wine and stay up for long time,these things will hurt your kidney function more seriously and influence your body condition,then to prevent and cure gout nephritis, we must keep the kidney in good condition

At present, many people suffer from gout and have a cold sweat when they attack. They can’t walk with their legs dragged. When this kind of disease doesn’t attack, people are well and can’t find out what’s wrong with it when they go to the hospital. They just tell you that uric acid is high and the others are fine.

How can uric acid be high? The doctor said it was because he drank too much wine and ate too much high protein food. Many people control their diet immediately after listening to it, but no matter how much they avoid it, it still hurts. It start to hurt from the big toe, and the joint deformity will appear later.

In fact, this is a symptom of kidney deficiency, because the kidney’s filtering function is weakened, the acid poison in the blood cannot be drained out and flows along with the blood circulation. The big toe joint is the most distal joint of the human body. Acid crystals are most likely to accumulate here. Some people also have joint pain of the thumb, which is the same reason.

If you don’t adjust the kidney and restore its filtering function, acid crystals will squeeze the joints for a long time, and eventually the joints will not move normally and become deformed. Therefore, gout patients should not only change their eating habits, but also restore the function of the kidney, improve their filtering ability, and expel acid poison from the body.

The kidney is the ” natural basis” to all people,it is very important to your health.

The kidney is responsible for the functions of growth, development, reproduction, and metabolism of water and fluid. The kidney is ” the foundation of nature”. Kidney deficiency and essence loss is one of the important factors causing dysfunction of viscera and diseases.

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