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Can Medicated Foot Bath Therapy Help to Cure Kidney Failure

2014-09-20 14:36

Can Medicated Foot Bath Therapy Help to Cure Kidney FailureNURUL AISYAH BT ADNAN is a patient with Kidney Failure and serum creatinine 2114, in order to control her disease, she came to China on July 20, 2014. After one month treatment by Chinese Herb Medicine, her disease goes steady, the following are some details about her disease and the treatment in our hospital.

Before she came to our hospital, she have annoyed by eyelids edema for nearly 17 years and high creatinine level 4 years and there are lots of bubbles in her urine(bubbles mean protein leakage). Four years ago, her disease went worse, the blood pressure went high as 140/100mmHg, she began to fell dizzy, headache,nausea and weakness. After that, her blood pressure increasing all the time, it has up to 160/100mmHg, meantime, the creatinine level goes to 2114umol/L. Without good cure method in her hometown, so she come to China seeking help from Chinese Herbal Medicine.

After a series of test, she was diagnosed as Chronic Kidney Failure (End Stage Renal Disease), Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Anemia, Hypertention, Hyperuricemia, Metabolic Acidosis. According to her disease condition, experts in our hospital decided to put her on dialysis first, which is necessary with so high creatinine level. After that they gave her Medicated Foot Bath Therapy, Oral Chinese Herb Medicine, Physiotherapy and Enema Therapy. With the help of those unique therapies of our hospital, her disease are under controlled now.

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