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Chinese Treatment Help Kidney Failure Patient Reduces His Dialysis Times Succefully

2015-12-27 15:29

Chinese Treatment Help Kidney Failure Patient Reduces His Dialysis Times SuccefullyALBGUMEY SAAD is a 38 years old male from Saudi Arabian, he is a kidney failure patient and has suffered dialysis 3 years. After accepting systematic treatment in our hospital, his dialysis times decreases to 3-4times/month from 3-4times/week. The following are some details about him, let us have a look together.

8 years ago, he got urinary track infection, due to the poor medical system, he cannot control his disease well.

5 years ago, his disease has lost control, so he was forced to take dialysis(3times/week). Later he got many side-effects, such as nausea, vomit, weakness, anemia, bad appetite, electrolyte disturbance and so on. Meanwhile, his urine output decreased to 200ml/day, and both of his lower limbs began to swollen.

In order to seek systematic treatment, he came to our hospital on 30th,Oct,2014.

Conditions before treatment:

Blood routine test shown the hemoglobin is 71g/L, red blood cell count is 2.59×1012/L.

The urine routine test shown the protein-, occult blood-.

Kidney function shown serum creatinine 840umol/L, BUN 44.5mmol/L, UA 942umol/L

Diagnosed as:

Kidney Failure(Uremia Stage), Renal Anemia, Hyperuricemia,


According to his disease condition our doctor prescribed him a low-salt, low-fat and High quality low protein diet to reduce the further damage to the kidneys.

Then, made his a treatment plan which is consisted by Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Medicated Beth Therapy, Enema Therapy to protect the kidneys function and repair the damaged kidneys.

Conditions after treatment:

Both his mental and physical are in good condition. His urine output increases to 1200ml, dialysis times decreases to 1 time/day and the swelling in his lower limbs disappeared.

The blood routine test shows red blood cell count is 3.08×1012/L, hemoglobin is 102g/L; kidney function shows BUN 15.4mmol/L, serum creatinine 417umol/L, UA 403umol/L

With the help of our systematic treatment, his immunity and kidney function has got improved greatly, so he and his family members are very satisfied with the curative effect. As a doctor, i am also very glad that we can help him find his life back again. Hope that all the patient can have a good prognosis.

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