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Hair Loss Means You Have Something Wrong With Your Kidney

2018-10-10 10:23

To some people they often find sometimes hair loss in the morning or evening,is thPhis serious to their health? And someone tell them this is the symptom of kidney problem,is it right ? as a kidney doctor i want ot share something useful with you as following:

Fall / winter hair loss is serious, should be alert to kidney deficiency

” It is now the autumn and winter season, and adult hair loss is a normal physiological phenomenon of about 30 to 100 hairs per day, but if hair loss is serious, it may be caused by kidney deficiency. ”

” Kidney deficiency may lead to alopecia, but alopecia is not necessarily kidney deficiency. In addition to kidney deficiency, dampness and heat, deficiency of qi and blood, deficiency of blood and liver depression can all lead to alopecia. ” If hair loss is accompanied by fear of cold, soreness of waist and legs, heel pain and tinnitus, it can be judged as kidney deficiency hair loss.

Kidney deficiency is divided into kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency, so even if it is alopecia caused by kidney deficiency, it is also necessary to distinguish between kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. Generally speaking, only kidney yin deficiency can lead to alopecia, so treating alopecia should be based on kidney yin deficiency.

Different symptoms have different treatment methods and should be re – treated, otherwise blind kidney tonifying will not only not cure alopecia, but will also aggravate and bring some adverse consequences to the body. People with kidney yin deficiency are afraid of heat, often accompanied by hair loss, dizziness, tinnitus and other phenomena. People with kidney yang deficiency are afraid of cold, and often have symptoms such as red face, hot body, thirsty mouth, and gingival congestion. Only in this way can hair loss be fundamentally cured and counterproductive effects be avoided.

Generally speaking, people who are engaged in computer work, stay up late for a long time and have poor sleep have more hair loss.

In view of how to regulate alopecia caused by kidney deficiency: ” The first thing to do is to keep a happy mood and ensure adequate sleep. At the same time, regular deep breathing, walking and relaxation exercises can eliminate mental fatigue. In addition, it can massage scalp frequently, improve scalp nutrition, regulate sebum secretion, promote scalp blood circulation, and promote local metabolism. Eat more black sesame seeds, black beans, mulberries and other foods on the diet, which has the effect of invigorating the kidney and promoting hair growth. ”

Whatever about the comments of hair loss,you must take good care of yourself and do some test to verify the symptoms,if you have the similar symptoms please contact us through the following message:


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