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Some Reasons Of Polycystic Kidney Should Be Cared

2018-12-06 09:34

To most polycystic patients they must know what the causes of polycystic kidney recurrence are,then they can get the reasonable treatment.

1, The treatment method shall not be: Many patients with polycystic kidney disease only choose traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine for treatment, but neither traditional Chinese medicine nor western medicine can completely treat polycystic kidney disease, so that recurrence often occurs.

2, Treatment is not complete: Many patients will try to stop polycystic kidney disease without thoroughly treating polycystic kidney disease, thinking that their kidney disease has been effectively treated. In fact, no matter what disease, the physical symptoms must be consolidated and treated for a period of time after they disappear. So many patients with acute polycystic kidney disease have no symptoms, but they easily relapse.

3. Misuse of toxic drugs: Misuse of toxic drugs can also lead to the recurrence or even aggravation of polycystic kidney disease. The most common case is that patients who take drugs with toxic and side effects by mistake will lead to deterioration of renal function and uremia.

4, Nursing work is not done well: Whether the diet and nursing are good or bad is an important factor affecting the recurrence of polycystic kidney disease. Many patients still have a recurrence after they have achieved the effect of rehabilitation clinically. Why is this? It is because many polycystic kidney patients do not attach importance to the diet and care of polycystic kidney, leading to the recurrence of polycystic kidney disease.

5, Psychological impact: Polycystic kidney is also a kind of physical and mental disease, and the abnormal health has caused great mental pressure on the patients themselves. If the psychological shadow is not overcome, polycystic kidney is also difficult to cure, even if clinical cure is achieved, once mental stimulation is encountered, the polycystic kidney will relapse and worsen.

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