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Some Bad Diet Plan Can Cause The Cystic Disease

2018-09-04 09:56

To many persons the bad eating habits may cause many diseases, and of course they are also important factors for the occurrence, development and changes of cystic diseases.

Which include:

( 1 ) If you don't eat well, if you are hungry, you are undernourished; Overfilling is easy to hurt the digestion and absorption functions of the spleen and stomach and causes qi and blood circulation disorder. Eating too much fat, sweet and thick taste is easy to produce internal heat.

( 2 ) The unclean food. It is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases, and even poisoning or even endanger life

( 3 ) Biased food tendence. If you eat more raw or cold food, you will easily hurt the yang qi of the spleen and stomach. If you eat more pungent, warm and dry heat, you will cause the gastrointestinal tract to accumulate heat. If you eat more five flavors, you will easily hurt the internal organs for a long time. The effects of the above eating habits on the body are obvious. They also directly or indirectly affect the development of cystic diseases. As for cystic diseases, we especially emphasize the following aspects in clinic: pungent and irritating. Such as Chili, wine, smoking ( including passive smoking ), chocolate, coffee, marine fish, shrimp, crab and other " stimulating food"; Salty foods, especially pickled foods; Contaminated food such as unhygienic food, decaying food, leftovers, etc.; Barbecue food; In addition, should also be restricted to high protein, high fat and greasy foods, i.e. Restrictions on legumes and bean products, especially those with renal insufficiency, require more attention.

What are the causes of renal cyst? Judging from the causes of renal cyst, the causes of renal cyst are diverse, so patients must nurse the cyst from every aspect of life.

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