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Life Expectancy After Renal Transplant for a PKD Patient Aged 20

2013-12-27 14:51

Life Expectancy After Renal Transplant for a PKD Patient Aged 20What are the life expectancy after renal transplant for a PKD patients aged 20? PKD is a genetic kidney disease with the different sizes of cysts in kidneys. And the kidney cysts will enlarged and ruptured which will cause serious infections or other complications.

When the PKD is deteriorated or finally develops into end stage kidney failure, some of the patients may want to have a kidney transplant to prolong their life expectancy. But what are the life expectancy for PKD patients? There are some factors that may affect the PKD kidney transplant prognosis.

Waiting for a suitable kidney may need a long time, because the transplanted kidney is often from a donator, and the kidney must be matched with PKD patients. Besides, a kidney transplant may need a large amount of money for patients. If the kidney transplant is successful, patients may also need to take specific medicines for all their life long, and the medicines are also very expensive. So PKD patients who want to have kidney transplant need to wait for a suitable donated kidney, and they also need to have enough money for the kidney transplant and medicines.

If PKD patients are lucky enough to find a suitable kidney and have their kidney transplant, there may also some other possible affects. We have one case that a patient after a kidney transplant, after a few days, he has serious rejections in body and has a massive haemorrhage, then the doctor has to take out the transplanted kidney. And the patients have to wait for another kidney transplant or live with his single kidney.

For most of PKD patients, their two kidneys are both get damaged with kidney cysts, if they have a successful kidney transplant, the another kidney can also fail to work, and they need to live on the single transplanted kidney.

But we should not so pessimistic with the kidney transplant, there are also many successful cases for PKD patients. Besides, there are also some other treatment that can remedy PKD, which is Chinese therapy.

Some effective Chinese therapies can help PKD patients get rid of dialysis and kidney transplant. It you still have urination, and you are not recommend for a dialysis by your doctor, you can try Chinese therapies. Early and effective treatment will help PKD patients to have a good life expectancy. More detailed information, contact our online experts.

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