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5th Stage of Kidney Failure in PKD Can I Avoid Dialysis

I have 5th stage of Kidney Failure and my function is declining over time. I am 65 and weigh 42 kg. My renal specialist wants me to start dialysis. Can I avoid this therapy?...Read More

How Long can Patient Live with Stage Three Kidney Failure from PKD

How long can patient live with Stage Three Kidney Failure from PKD? Many people have consulted us about this question....Read More

How Long do You Live with PKD and 12% Kidney Function No Dialysis

If people with PKD and 12% kidney function do not want to start dialysis, how long can they live? In this text, we will explain this issue in details. ...Read More

PKD and Kidneys are Only Working at 10% How Long to Live

How long to live with PKD and kidneys are only working at 10%? Many patients have consulted us about this question. Here, we would like to discuss this issue in details....Read More

PKD Patients on Hemodialysis How to Extend My Life Expectancy

Many PKD patients on hemodialysis have consulted about ways to effectively extend their life expectancy. To help individuals who have similar doubt, we offer detailed suggestions as below. ...Read More

How to Improve PKD Patients’s Prognosis with High Creatinine

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a family kidney disease depending on the growth of cysts.There are many PKD patients suffering poor prognosis and high creatinine.What should we do to improve PKD patient’s prognosis with high creatinine?...Read More

Life Expectancy After Renal Transplant for a PKD Patient Aged 20

What are the life expectancy after renal transplant for a PKD patients aged 20? PKD is a genetic kidney disease with the different sizes of cysts in kidneys. And the kidney cysts will enlarged and ruptured which will cause serious infection...Read More

The main factors that may affect the prognosis of PKD

What are the main factors that may affect the prognosis of PKD? As we know, PKD is a genetic kidney disease. When someone in the family has PKD, their descendant may have high risk of getting PKD. In order to have a better life with PKD, pa...Read More

Will PKD Damage A Transplanted Kidney

With the continuous expansion of sac-fluid cysts, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) can damage kidney inherent cells gradually. When almost all of kidney function is lost, kidney transplant may be needed. Since PKD is one inherited disease, w...Read More

How to Improve The Prognosis of PKD

Patients with PKD always worry about their disease, because they dont know what to do, and they are afraid that their conditions may worsen. This is understandable, but patients should remember that right and prompt treatments are vital. He...Read More

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