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Some Symptoms Of Purpura Are Caused By The Poor Function

2018-09-04 09:49

To most purpura patients they alway have some purple spots in their face,hands ,legs etc.Why doese this phenomenon happen? Purple spots caused by blood heat; It belongs to the category of ” Yang deficiency spots”. It is mostly seen among teenagers, with sudden onset, purple spots with no definite location, and double legs with extended sides. it appears symmetrically, with slight itching from time to time and does not fade under pressure. Sometimes it can slightly bulge out of the skin surface, presenting millet grains, elm to coin size, or it can be linked into pieces. Disappeared after about two to three weeks, often relapsing and appearing in batches. It is accompanied by fever, vexation, sore throat, thirst, fatigue, red tongue, thin yellow coating, slippery or fine pulse. In serious cases, the whole body can be covered with purple patches, with bruised legs, eroded gums, and bleeding.

Hot and humid in the body causing the purple spots: It belongs to the category of ” Yang deficiency spot” and is common among young women. It is usually found in the lower legs or thigh, and is purple or purplish red. It is accompanied by a hard knot of plum kernel size. It is painful to touch. There may be slight swelling around it. No trace is left after the hard knot recedes. Or joint pain, heavy limbs stagnation, unfavorable flexion and extension, greasy mouth, unpleasant stool, and greasy fishy smell in the woman’s leucorrhea. The tongue is red with yellow and greasy fur, and the pulse is weak and rapid.

The spleen loses control and suffer purple spots; Belonging to the category of ” Yin deficiency spot”. The course of the disease is long, with repeated attacks, skin purple dark flat lesions. Accompanied by sallow or pale complexion, eating less food and tiredness, and short with breath and lazy with speech. It can also have epistaxis, hematochezia, and a woman’s bleeding out of menstrual period. The tongue is pale and white, the pulse is thin and weak.

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