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What will Happen If Left Edema Untreated in Kidney Disease

2016-08-31 17:43

What will Happen If Left Edema Untreated in Kidney DiseaseThere are two kinds of edema, they are local edema and generalized edema, it is the excess fluid retention in clearance or body cavity. As one of the most common symptoms of kidney disease, it often appeared at very early stage.

What will happen if left edema untreated?

To be frankly, if left untreated, edema may induce further damage to the kidneys and worsen the kidney disease. What’s worse, it may it may lead to kidney failure. So as a kidney disease patient you should take treatment timely, so as to prevent your disease goes to worse.

How to treat edema in kidney disease?

To control the proteinuria is a useful way to relieve the edema. Because the protein leakage may lead to edema.

In addition, to keep a healthy diet can also ease their disease condition. Low-salt and low-water can avoid the exacerbation of edema. Reducing the intake of vegetable protein and offering more high quality animal protein, which can supplement proper protein and maintain patients’ life.

Besides, dialysis can also help patients clear away the excess water, toxin, metabolite and waste in blood, controlling the leakage of protein and relieving the edema. But the key is that it can not treat patients’ renal damage, but also accelerate Kidney Failure.

Toxin-Removing Treatment is better than dialysis, by removing the toxins in blood, it can offer a better internal environment for renal repair, which is helpful for improving the kidney function. After the kidney function improved, all those symptoms, such as edema, caused by kidney disease will disappeared gradually.

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