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Is There An Alternative to Alleviate Edema Rather than Having Kidney Dialysis

2018-04-06 14:15

Is There An Alternative to Alleviate Edema Rather than Having Kidney DialysisEdema, one of the earliest symptom of kidney disease, will even lead to life danger. This explains why the patients with serious edema are suggested to take kidney dialysis. However, it is a painful process and can not solve the problem radically. While, is there an alternative to alleviate edema rather than having kidney dialysis?

For another option of dialysis, we must know clear what are functions of dialysis.

Generally speaking, the dialysis is to take away the toxins covering the extra water from body and make the blood clear again. However, it charge against the harmful things in the blood, but it could do nothing to the poisons intruded into the cells. This is also the reason why the renal function will be less and less during the course of dialysis. What is more, the patients will get much lifetime risk at the final stage of dialysis. Besides, transplant will be the only option at that time.

Well, which treatment can replace dialysis to filter the blood?

Toxin-Removing Therapy, as the name implies, is to cleanse the blood. Compared with dialysis, several natural treatments will work together to offer a salutary surrounding without any significant side effects. Furthermore, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Acupuncture and other remedies used in Toxin-Removing Therapy can also accelerate the blood circulation, dilate the blood vessels, remove the blood stasis and achieve other functions so as to provide enough blood and necessary things to the kidneys which benefits the kidney recovery.

When the toxins is disappeared, the kidney damage can be stopped, the kidney disease can be maintained fine or reversed and the patients can return to the high quality life beyond dialysis.

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