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Chinese Medicine Plays A Great Role In Dispelling Swelling in Legs

2018-03-11 17:02

Chinese Medicine Plays A Great Role In Dispelling Swelling in LegsCommonly, swelling in legs will be dispelled with some diuretics and steroids. Usually, the swelling can not be reduced with diuretics while steroids leads to much sufferings. So that, a increasing number of patients are seeking for another options. In fact, Chinese medicine plays a great role in dispelling swelling in legs as well.

According to the experiences and clinical researches, some herbs do have functions of dispelling swelling and adding urinary volume in some case. What is more, some other herbs would relieve pain and inflammation. However, with the simply herbs or medications, we found out swelling can be dispelled in some case while some patients are not gotten of swelling. Besides, some patients get a “curative” result and some suffer from the palindromia of kidney problem accompanied with its symptoms and complications.

Based on this and also compatibility of Chinese medicine, medication contraindications, dosage, usage, etc, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine put forward a new natural treatment called Detoxification Therapy. During the whole treatment of Detoxification Therapy, a sequence of natural remedies like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Steaming Therapy, Full Bath Therapy and others will be adopted in combination with the good care containing healthy diets and lifestyles will work together to clean up the inner environment, adjust the immunity and renal self-recovery ability, enhance renal function successfully and gradually.

Subsequently, we can see the improvement of the symptoms covering swelling in legs within 7 days. No more than half a month, the discomforts can be controlled well. But for managing the illness conditions and prevent the recidivation of these sickness, the patients need another 15 days to recover the kidney function as much as possible.

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